Things to do in Denver in the summer with kids

Are you looking for things to do in Denver with kids? This list should help you figure out what to do while you are here on vacation, or if you live here and just need something to do for fun!

Things to do in Denver in the summer with kids:

Go to a park- Take the kids’ for a day in the park, there are so many great parks all around our entire state! You could visit a different park every day and never run out of them. You can choose from our National Parks, City parks, community parks and more! Take a picnic and a Frisbee and enjoy a day of play as a family.

Boondocks– This can be indoor fun, or outdoor, so it is good when it’s too cold or too hot to be outside playing. You can play laser tag, bowl a little bit, play some mini-golf, win some tickets in the arcade, drive a go-kart and get a bite to eat, all in one location! Boondocks Fun Center is a serious amount of fun for everyone!

Elitch Gardens– This parks local claim to fame is that they are “2 parks for 1 price” and it’s true! For one price you get an amusement park, and a water park! On those hot days you can cool off in the water park and then head over to ride a roller coaster, and then hit the water park again! Some of the fun that you might want to take time out for includes; the shows, they are so much fun! The viewing tower, this might seem lame, but you will get a great view of our beautiful state.

Think about bringing a cooler full of lunch and snacks, get your stamp and leave the park to eat at your car, it will save you a ton of money and it will probably taste better. They do have great desserts in the chocolate shop as you are exiting, grab a caramel apple to share in the car on your way home.

Water World– Unlike Elitches, Water World is only 1 park for the price, but they do water rides better than anyone else in town. With a $40 price-tag you might be a bit reluctant to jump on it, and that is understandable but if you decide to splurge on a ticket you won’t regret it. You can spend the day splashing through the cool water in the wave pool (be careful with little ones, the under current is strong and can pull anyone under), a giant half pipe, the tomb of a mummy, water slides and the list goes on.

Just like with Elitches, I would plan to bring a cooler full of food to save some money. They do have an all day buffet pass that includes drinks for around $15 for adults.

Toyota Elephant Passage Denver ZooDenver Zoo- As far as zoo’s go, Denver has a pretty good one! The weather is normally gorgeous, and the variety of animals is good. They have an indoor Rain-forest exhibit that is fantastic! You will see everything from teeny-tiny fish to Lions, Tigers and Bears. The new Toyota Elephant exhibit is great, and don’t miss the elephant feeding shows, they are very entertaining and full of information.

Can we just talk about how you should pack a picnic again? Pack food, leave it in your car, it will save you money for sure.

Aquarium– If you love fish, or one of your kids do, this place is going to be a don’t miss spot in your summer. You walk through and see thousands of fish of all sorts, including sharks! If you scuba dive or snorkel you can pay to do that here, with sharks! At the very end of your walk through you will be able to purchase some little sardines to hand feed the Manta Rays, which is fun for all ages.

Attend a sporting event- Denver is known for it’s fans, our Rocky Mountain Thunder is something that is known across the country for a reason. The energy in our stadiums in incredible! Even if you don’t love our teams, you will love the energy all around you. If you can’t make it to a game, the stadium tour at the Broncos stadium is a really great one.

Children’s museum– If you have little ones you should stop in for a bit of fun, they have some of the best, most giggle inducing exhibits around. Kids ages 18 months (or younger) and up to about 8 will probably have a ton of fun playing dress up, painting, building things from recycled stuff, blowing bubbles and playing in the grocery store. Your kids’ will run around like they own the place, and that’s ok, it makes for an unforgettable day.

16th Street Mall or the Pearl Street Mall- All along our outdoor malls you will find little places to play, pianos that are free for anyone to enjoy, street performers, street vendors, mall shuttles (kids’ love riding the bus, especially one where they get to stand up), and little snack shops. Enjoy some fresh air and a little magic show, or some music being played, while eating your ice cream and strolling down the street. You could make it a quest to find the whole alphabet in signs along the mall, take a picture of each letter on your cell phone or camera and you’ll remember your special day forever.



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