Review of Live Basil Pizza

There is a new pizza place sweeping the Denver metro area; you may have seen one open near you recently (and if you haven’t yet, you probably will soon!) Live Basil Pizza is the hottest thing, literally. The owner Tom Ryan, of Tom’s Urban 24 and founder of Smash Burger , is devoted to using natural, locally sourced, organic ingredients for his one-of-a-kind pizzeria.

Live Basil PizzaMade right in front of you, in just a couple of minutes, for the freshest pizza you’ll ever eat. Our hand crafted, delicious pizza, made with only the finest ingredients – San Marzano organic tomatoes, locally sourced* produce, all natural meats and cheese – is made to honor the heritage of Naples. Live Basil Pizza is the place for fast, fresh, great tasting, hearth-baked authentic Neapolitan pizza with an engaging experience for lunch or dinner. –Live Basil Pizza Website

When you walk into Live Basil Pizza you will see that it isn’t your average place, it doesn’t look like “fast food” or a normal pizza place, but it is fast and it is pizza! Walking to the counter you will notice a large pizza oven and chefs ready to prepare your pizza right in front of your eyes; you can choose for a pre-designed pizza that has been thought up by the brilliant chefs who put plenty of thought into the flavors that will fit best together for a truly pleasing slice of pizza, of you can design a pizza to fit your taste. The pizzas range from traditional to unique; Farm Stand Natural Veggie, Mediterranean Chicken with Organic Spinach, Natural 3 meat, Natural Chicken Pesto, and The Colorado with Bison Sausage and Green Chile.

Live Basil Pizza

Somethings that you might not expect; the pizzas range in price from $8-10 for a personal 6-slice pizza and for the quality of ingredients that you will be putting in your body here, that’s a fabulous price.

If you head in to get a slice, be sure to check out the special of the month because these pizzas are hand-crafted by the head chefs and Tom himself. They spend hours choosing an ingredient that is in season, and then they build a pizza around it, and what they come up with is usually an explosion of flavor that will have you driving back to get another pizza every day. In February, the pizza was packed with a bunch of different types of mushrooms that were locally sourced, and this month they are offering a pizza with a unique ingredient on top; asparagus! It was a favorite all-around at the grand opening of the North Field Stapleton location, so head in and grab one before the month is over and you miss out! 



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