Old Major Denver for Dessert

Old Major

Around March of this year a grand little restaurant opened in the Highlands, it’s called Old Major, maybe you’ve heard of it? I know that there is lots of talk around town about this place. At Old Major they are doing things in a way that is very different from most other restaurants, they use heritage-raised meats from Colorado farms that they actually know and respect. They even cure their own meats! In house! You can see the charcuterie room when you are seated in the dining area, there are lots of random chunks of meat hanging there curing right before your eyes. ┬áThis is certainly farmhouse cuisine at it’s best!

Old Major Gateau BasqueOn this visit we were solely focused on dessert. With a menu of around 6 options, it was pretty hard to decide which desserts to try. We landed on sharing two of them; Ricotta Fritters and the Gateau Basque.

First up, Gateau Basque, a dessert that I had never heard of before. It was described as-

“Almond custard tart, buttermilk ice cream, Elderflower compressed strawberries”

This was a really great dessert, it had so many wonderful elements that all combined beautifully. The tart was so thick! I wasn’t expecting that. It was very light and flavorful. The strawberries were one of the best elements of this dish, they were so juicy because of the Elderflower and they really brought a ton of flavor. The ice cream and champagne pearls were the perfect addition and when you got a little bit of each element into your bite… oh my goodness.

Our second dessert was the amazing Ricotta Fritters, and let me tell you that when I ordered it, I had no Old Major Ricotta Frittersidea what I was getting into. The menu told us that it would be-

“House made ricotta doughnuts, lemon semifreddo and honey chamomile foam”

When it came to the table I was in awe of how wonderfully the plate was put together. They really do go out of their way to make the plates gorgeous, and it shows. These magnificent little circles of fried and sugared goodness surrounded by little flowers, made my mouth water. The lemon semifreddo is so lemony and wonderful, I think I could eat it by itself (by the gallon) but instead I cut the little ricotta fritter in half and added a dollop of the semifreddo and a bit of the honey chamomile foam and put it in my mouth; what ensued was a party in my mouth! All of the elements are so unique on their own, the honey chamomile foam was so flavorful, you would never guess that that much flavor could be packed into that tiny splash of foam.

Our dessert experience was so great, everything was really exquisite. I hope to return for dinner very soon!

Have you been to Old Major? What did you eat? What was your impression?






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