Mellow Mushroom Pizza in Lone Tree

As soon as we turned the corner onto Park Meadows Drive, I saw it, a beautiful and very colorful building with a sign that said “Mellow Mushroom.” Although they now have 3 locations across the Denver Metro area, I have never been to any of them and I didn’t know what to expect from them at all but I was hoping it would involve some good pizza.

Mellow Mushroom Colorful Building

First impressions

The building itself is beautiful, it is very colorful and charming. There are a couple of cute little statues outside and some great benches. When we walked through the door we knew right away that this wasn’t just any ordinary restaurant, if nothing else, this place was going to be fun! Have you ever been into a pizza place and found some disco balls Mellow Mushroom disco ballshanging from the ceiling? No? Me either, but Mellow Mushroom has them, along with some gorgeous murals and beautiful design. We were taken to the patio, and because it was quite warm out, I thought we would be super hot but to my surprise it wasn’t. They have ceiling fans and they had screens pulled over the openings to keep the sun out. Once the sun went down a bit they opened up the screens and the view of the sun set was stunning, it was lovely to sit outside and eat while watching the sunset.

Drinks at Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom Elderflower PalmerWe sat down and opened the drink menu, it was really big, there are a lot of mixed drinks and special house drinks and on top of that there are a TON of different beers! They even have a beer club and if you join and drink enough of the different types you win prizes! We settled on the Mellow Mule in a copper mug (you will have to give them your ID as collateral for that mug but it’s worth it) and the Elderflower-Palmer both were great. The Mellow Mule was the best “Mule” either of us has tasted thus far. It was very sweet and didn’t taste overly alcohol-y. The Elderflower-Palmer was St. Germaine, Bourbon, and a splash of iced tea.

Appetizers at Mellow Mushroom

Pretzel appetizer at Mellow MushroomThe Mellow Mushroom has offerings that begin with “Munchies,” which includes; Magic Mushroom Soup, Pretzels (your choice of Garlic butter and Parmesan, Butter and Kosher salt or Cinnamon Sugar and Honey), Bruschetta, Stuffed Portobello Mushroom, Baked Chicken Wings and more. We settled on the salted pretzels with marinara dipping sauce and some baked hot wings. One taste of the pretzels and I was sold on this whole place, they were deliciously soft and salty. The chicken wings weren’t quite as crispy or spicy as we would have liked, but they were still quite good.

Dinner menu at Mellow Mushroom

For dinner we ended up choosing to get calzones, there are so many unique calzones and you can even “build your own.” I choose the cheese one and added Ricotta and chicken and it ended up being perfect for me. The crust was the same as the pretzels, which I had enjoyed as an appetizer, and it was honestly the best calzone crust that I have ever had. It was just the right thickness and texture and was Mellow Mushroom Calzoneperfectly cooked. The calzone itself was so big that I couldn’t even finish half of it before I had to call for a box so that I could assure that I would have room for some dessert! We also ordered a pizza for the kids to enjoy and Caden also got the Mac ‘n Cheese which was so good that he would have easily eaten a whole second order.

Dessert time!

When dessert time rolled around I ordered the Salted Caramel Vanilla cake and it was, like everything else we ate, delicious! With cake layered between yummy caramel, some crunchy layers and a thick layer of amazing salted caramel on top, I was in heaven! We got the dessert to go so that everyone who was waiting could snatch up our table.

Is Mellow Mushroom good?

In short… we loved it! It was so yummy! The food was fresh and delicious, flavorful and creative. There was something for everyone, including Gluten-Free Pizza! I would drive the 30-minutes to get to it, knowing how much we all enjoyed it, even the kids and that is pretty hard for us to find!

Mellow Mushroom Pizza


  1. Sounds yummy. I’ve only had Mellow Mushroom once and it was in North Carolina.

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