A map of Denver Farmers markets

If you are looking for a map of Denver Farmers markets, you are not alone! Denver and the surrounding areas have some of the best farmers markets around! It supports local businesses, farms, and people who are dreaming of starting a business.

A map of Denver farmers marketsmap of denver farmers markets

Extra Space Storage, a local storage facility, has come up with this incredible map of all of the Denver farmers markets. You can see every local market and the days of the week that they are open. If you have anything to add to the map, or updates that need to be made you can submit those for consideration too.

What do they have at the Denver farmers markets?

Everything! You can find fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, handmade gifts, fertilizer, homemade foods (pickles, Popsicle, etc.), flowers, and more! There isn’t really much that you can’t find there, and actually you will find far more than you intended to.

Things to know before you visit

  • bring cash; some vendors take credit, but it saves them some fees
  • plan to walk around, there is so much to see!
  • empty bellies are easily filled here, don’t eat before you come
  • have a plan; know what sorts of things you are looking for. You are sure to leave with more than you intended, but it would be nice to get what you came for too.
  • try new things; you’ve never had pickled pigs feet before? Give them a try! Never tried Watermelon Raspberry tea? Grab a cup!

Visit the farmers market this year

Why not print out the map of Denver farmers markets and try to visit each one before the end of the summer, it’s possible and it would be a fun summer bucket list!




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