Fun for teens in Denver

In a poll of local high school students we compiled a list of their favorite activities around town for you to enjoy.

Fun for teens in Denver

  • Rae from OhMayDayRae suggested The Denver Zombie Crawl as one of her favorite things for teenagers to do in Denver. What is not to love about dressing like a zombie and joining your fellow zombies to walk through Denver? So. Much. Fun. It only happens once a year, so add it to your calender so that you don’t forget.
  • Emily from suggests Unser Racing, which is great for families and people of all ages, they take go-karts to a new level.

    Unsar Racing Colorado

    Photo Credit: Unsar Racing

Unser is Denver’s number one spot for authentic kart racing. Amateur or professional, we make sure drivers of all levels and ages have the best time possible on our track. Lucky for you, Unser is open seven days a week, offering the best deals on fun: From arrive-and-drive racing to parties and corporate events, Unser delivers the ultimate race packages for your group! –

    • She says that her teenage son also really enjoys Blitz Paintball, which would be a great family activity, or birthday party location. Mom’s, dad’s, brothers, sisters, friends, even grandparents can have fun shooting each other with paint balls. Let go of stresses from school and work, and just have fun!
  • We’ve talked about Boondocks fun center before, and when this question was posed many of the answers included this place. Boondocks really is fun for all ages. No matter how much teenage attitude you have, you can’t help but smile when you beat your parents, or friends on the go-kart track or at mini-golf. If you are down south you could head to Big Time Fun Center instead;
  • A lot of teenagers love concerts, Vans Warped Tour tends to be one of the top concerts of the year. This tour has been going on for so long that many of the kids’ who go now are the children of the original attendees. You can lounge around and listen to a ton of different bands, while chatting with your friends and enjoying the atmosphere. The concerts and movies at Red Rocks Amphitheater are always great too!
  • Visit Winterpark, if you ski, or snowboard, or sled, or even if you have never done these things but you want to learn, Winterpark is a great place for you to play. You can find tubing places up here that everyone can enjoy, you just ride down the hill and they have a line that drags you back up the hill so that you can go down again.
  • Elitch Gardens is fun for teenagers, they have a theme park and a water park all-in-one. You can ride a ride, or go down a water slide, all in 1 beautiful, fun place.
  • Go jump in a lake, or reservoir, being in the water is always fun, especially when it’s hot outside. Slather yourself with sunscreen and dive in for a day of fun. Pack a picnic and spend time together in the great outdoors, you could even camp overnight in some places.

It is all about getting your teen out of the house, making memories. There is a saying that goes something like “No one ever talks about their favorite memory watching TV,” getting away from television shows kids how to have fun, and reminds adults why it is important for everyone.

Do you have another favorite that isn’t listed here? Share it with us below, we would love to hear more ideas and if we like yours, we will link to you in a future post.

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