Near Cherry Creek, in Glendale, just off of South Colorado Boulevard there is a fresh little restaurant called Bruxie. This is the first Bruxie location outside of California, where it originated. 

Bruxie Grilled CheeseWhat is Bruxie?

Amazing. Besides that though? Bruxie is a restaurant that serves all things waffle. They offer all sorts of sandwiches on a waffle bun, an actual waffle instead of your traditional bread bun. The waffles in the sandwiches are mostly the savory type, not very sweet, but definitely light and fluffy.

You can get Buttermilk fried chicken with a waffle, a turkey club, a (Albacore) Tuna melt, hot Pastrami, a grilled cheese, and more!

On the side, or as a snack, you can get… what else? Waffle fries! Or add cheese, bacon, sour cream and chives and order Irish Nachos.

Everything is savory, perfectly seasoned, and fully of delicious fresh ingredients.

Dessert at Bruxie

The sweets at Bruxie are some of the best desserts around Denver! Made with a sweet waffle as the main focus, you can get seasonal Creme Brulee filled with a classic Vanilla creme with burnt raw sugar and seasonal fresh fruit, S’Mores, PB&J, and more!

The desserts are something to stop in for, even if you aren’t hungry for a sandwich and you are just looking for a light snack. Perfectly balanced flavors, and perfect portion size make this a great choice.

Is Bruxie good?

Good? No. Great? Yes! The food is delicious, service is fast a friendly, and the design of the space is very modern and beautiful in a relaxed way. The prices are good too! Yelpers (users of the review site, Yelp) love it, and that speaks volumes.

If you are in the area, stop in and try it for yourself, and come back and let us know what you thought.

Bruxie is located at 1000 South Colorado Blvd, Glendale, Co 80246 and you can contact them at 303-963-9045




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