Break dancing lessons in Denver

Denver has a hidden gem of a “dance” studio. Tucked into a small strip of shops off of North Broadway is the BBoy Factory. Your kids, and all of the members of your family, can take Break dancing lessons in Denver. They also have classes that include; strength and stretching, Youth and intermediate Breakin’, Practice space and performances by well known BBoys and BGirls.

For only $10 per session you can walk away knowing more than you ever thought you would about becoming a BBoy or BGirl. The instructors (and owner) are incredibly nice and go out of their way to make everyone feel comfortable.

There is a class coming up that would be great for Breakers of all knowledge levels, it is called AcroRock. The teacher is known as the Urban Action Figure and he is incredible in every sense of the word. Here is some footage that we dragged up-

Can you imagine taking classes with him? Learning from him? Now is your chance, the class will fill up so you should sign up right away.

break dancing in Denver


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